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End to end Supply chain traceability that starts with a Tap

Tap2Trace will help you accelerate traceability, enable supply chain visibility and strenghten food businesses.

Farm to Fork Traceability

The Connected Food Chain

Tap2Trace allows food companies to efficiently manage their supply chain, capture all the data needed for a transparent and FSMA-compliant supply chain, and stitch together critical tracking events to achieve real farm-to-fork traceability to quickly identify and address food safety issues.

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Understanding Tap2Trace

Solution Features

True Farm to Fork

Embrace true farm-to-fork traceability from grower to supplier, distribution center to retailer or restaurant. Trace forward and backward, and access the data you need to take swift action when faced with a recall or outbreak.

Visualization at the Batch-Lot Level

Stitch together the digitized Key Data Elements (KDEs) and Critical Tracking Events (CTEs) of your products’ movement across the supply chain to get comprehensive visibility and transparency.

Deliver Data-Driven Transparency

Empower your team to make data-driven decisions based on supply chain traceability. Market authentically to key stakeholders and consumers with real supply chain information on food origin, journey and composition.

Action-Oriented Investigations

When a food safety or quality issue occurs, utilize the Investigations feature to identify the impacted lots’ root cause. Then, trace forward to launch a withdrawal of all affected products.

Based on Industry Standards

Tap2Trace is proud to be a GS1 Solution Provider. Leverage industry-recognized best practices, using GS1 Standards for traceability by product and location.

Mobile Offerings

Web and mobile apps to drive your food traceability efforts including incident reporting and mobile auditing at all points in the chain.

Google Cloud

Tap2Trace is running and backed by Google Cloud. This makes our deployments very safe, fast and reliable.

Tea Traceability

Tap2Trace is enabling over 1 Million Farmers in Kenya!


Critical Events


Tea Bags Tracked

"Before the introduction of the smart card, we had an old weighing scale which caused problems for farmers, one would come and mention their number to the clerk and should he/she get the wrong number, a farmer may lose the tea to another farmer"

- Peter Macharia Kinyua - Tea farmer and chairman of Kangaita tea factory.