For Merchants, Distribution Stores & Traders Across Africa
Let your customers pay you seamlessly with a tap

No more digging for loose change! With Tap2Pay, just hold your wristband or card close to the reader and go. #tap2pay

Accept payments faster and safer

Tap2Pay allows your customers to tap their smart cards and phones during payment. This minimizes the time you spend handling cash, checks, credit cards or bad checks.

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Solution Features

Smart Wristband

Take payments with just the touch of the RFID wristbands or cards, using your Android devices as readers. RFID events see reduced queues and increased spending. Analyse each contactless interaction with real-time data.

Lightning Fast

Within 3 seconds per tap, Tap2Pay is able to tap and process a transaction from a cusomter's phone/card/wristband and complete a sale.

Mobile Money

Tap2Pay is connected to Mobile money network operators across Africa. Your customers are able to fund these wallets via mobile money services e.g MPesa.

Works Offline

No internet? No problem. By leveraging on RFID technology, we are able to still process and accept payments with little to no connectivity. This makes Tap2Pay very attractive even in remote locations.

Voucher & Tokens

Replace the inefficient paper vouchers with a digital system. Load the vouchers onto the RFID wristbands and enable your attendees to redeem them with a quick tap. No more queuing or counting, our system does it all for you.

Secure & Reliable

Tap2Pay is running and backed by Google Cloud. This makes our deployments very safe, fast and reliable.

inspiring loyalty

Driving the adoption of loyalty and memberships for businesses in Kenya.

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Loyalty Points Processed

You can now earn and redeem loyalty points from participating merchant outlets with your Tap2Pay card!