For Schools, Relief Camps & Universities Across Africa
Tap2Eat - The smarter way to distribute meals & relief

Tap2Eat is a digital mobile platform that uses cutting edge FinTech to enable communities in Africa, to access nutritious food.

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Our Impact

Over 5 Million+ Meals Served in Kenya!

We have enabled our partner Food4Education to serve and distribute over 5 Million Meals across kenya. Tap2Eat technology has been instrumental in enabling Food4Education scale their Impact in Kenya.

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Understanding Tap2Eat

Solution Features

Smart Wristband

Tap2Eat uses a smart rfid wristband that's connected to a parent/donor/sponsor wallet. This wristband is all a child/beneficiary needs to tap and eat.

Lightning Fast

Within 1 second per tap, Tap2Eat is able to tap and process a transaction from a Child's wristband and give access to meals.

Mobile Money

Tap2Eat is connected to Mobile money network operators across Africa. Parents, Donors and Sponsors are able to fund these wallets via mobile money services e.g MPesa.

Works Offline

No internet? No problem. By leveraging on RFID technology, we are able to still process and accept payments with little to no connectivity. This makes Tap2Eat very attractive even in remote locations.


Tap2Eat uses a block chain like architecture to ensure all transactions and meals served are accurate, consistent and accounted for. Even while offline, we are able to maintain this concurrency and consistency.

Artificial Intelligence

By leveraging Google Tensorflow AI We are able to securely identify a child/beneficiary by taking a picture of the subject.

Google Cloud

Tap2Eat is running and backed by Google Cloud. This makes our deployments very safe, fast and reliable.

school feeding programme

Tap2Eat is distributing over 120,000 Meals Every Day in Kenya!


Meals Served


Transactions Successfuly Processed

A year ago, #Tap2Eat was a crazy idea.‘What do you mean kids using mobile money & NFC to get lunch ?!?!’ It's ‘Impossible!’
#Tap2Eat is being showcased by one of the world’s largest tech companies @Cisco at the World Economic Forum in Davos!🤯😭🌍💛
#feedingthefuture #WEF20

- Wawira Njiru, Founder - Food4Education