The TAP to PAY Experts in Africa
Build and deploy faster with a secure wallet service

We are Africa's #1 Wallet & Traceability as a service Infrastructure for Businesses and Supply Chains.

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The Managed Platforms

Wallet & Traceability - All as a Service

Deploy your solution faster, easier and cheaper.

Instantly create and deploy secure wallets for your application of business. Our infrastructure is proven across Africa and supports IOT Integrations for your Tap2Pay needs.

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The Connected Food Chain

Accelerate traceability, enable supply chain visibility and strenghten food businesses with Tap2Trace from Terra.

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Our Use Cases

We are the Tapping Company

Tap to Pay

Just hold your wristband or card close to the reader,pay and go.

Tapping for Traceability

Get a holistic view of your value chain – from raw materials to finished product.

Tap to Eat

School children can now get the food they need by waving their wrist!

Tap for Access

Validate entries with a tap, end ticket fraud, and monitor event capacity in real time.

About Us

We Create Contactless Experiences

With a decade of combined experience, we design contactless payment solutions that help improve lives. Our mission is to create new experiences for our customers in Payments (such as mobile payments), Transportations programs like transit tickets or passes; Relief Distribution organizations sending aid abroad through international relief agencies like CARE ;and Feeding Programmes planning food distribution schemes .

We’re out to create purposeful experiences that balance creativity and innovation with strategy.

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Our plan is simple

Imagine the possibilities with just one tap! For as low as $0.1 per tap, you can tap for access control, cashless payments, traceability and more!

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Why Choose US

Tapping is more than just a business - it's our way of life.



Successfully completed projects


Transactions Successfuly Processed

We've digitized our events space with cashless payments and access control with Terra and our first cashless festival was a complete success!

- Michael Kazoora, Ansa Africa

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